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This bracelet is perfect for protection, prosperity and helping you acquire money... 


(Fun Fact: Turquoise is excellent in helping you find the truth. When it comes to wealth, being truthful is a noble trait. Turquoise will help you acquire wealth thoughtfully and ethically. So if your job is on commissions or sales-based, turquoise will help you find the right words to close sales and increase the money you earn.

Also--if you have major financial decisions to make, keep turquoise on you so that you can see clearly and make the right decisions.)


Created with genuine turquoise nugget shaped beads. Accentuated with black lava stones so you can diffuse essential oils too and a pewter prayer box charm. Finished off with silver-plated daisy spacer beads and pewter toggle clasp.


**Bracelet measures large at 10" in length.

Men's Turquoise & Lava Stone Prayer Box Bracelet

SKU: MWA-135

    All jewelry is sized differently, so please be sure to check the measurements shown on the website before you buy.

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