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The eclectic look of this set is truly wonderful. Each crackled magnesite stone is different in design, creating a very unique style. 


(Fun Fact: Just as it sounds, a lava stone is made of lava -- molten rock from Earth’s core that has cooled. While its textured surface might not appear soothing, lava stones are appreciated for their strong ability to inspire feelings of stability, renewal, and freedom from unhealthy emotional attachments.If you feel you could benefit from this holistic approach to emotional and spiritual health, consider lava stone jewelry. Appropriate to wear in any environment, the lava stone jewelry feature lava bead Given their black color, these lava bead bracelets complement any outfit or accessory already in your collection.


Created with tan-colored crackled magnesite stones and accentuated with black lava stones. Finished with silver-plated cross charm, toggle clasp, spacer beads and ear hooks. 


**Bracelet measures at 8 3/4" long. Earrings measure at 2"long.**

(NOTE: You do not get oil on your skin when you wear it.)

Tan Magnesite Lava Stone Set

SKU: WWA10018

    All jewelry is sized differently, so please be sure to check the measurements shown on the website before you buy.

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