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If it’s important for you to be connected to all the light and brilliance around you, get your hands on this magnificent necklace. 


(Fun Fact: Merkaba is everything that surrounds us as it is the integral element of the energy that envelops the universe. Merkaba is the combination of three words. Mer is a light that rotates within itself; Kameant speaks to the human spirit and Ba refers to the physical human form.)


Created with a 1 1/4" long silver plated Merkaba pendant and black faceted glass bead. Accentuated with oval shaped crystal component and small black glass bead. Finished off with silver-plated chain and lobster clasp.


Pendant measures at 4 3/4" long.

Chain measures at 25" in length.

Merkaba & Crystal Pendant Necklace

SKU: WWA5069

    All jewelry is sized differently, so please be sure to check the measurements shown on the website before you buy.

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