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Dress to impress with this natural looking necklace. Wear it the office or after hours with style...


(Fun Fact: Scholars believe that early jewelry was made of natural products, such as flowers, leaves, branches, animal bones and stones. In North Africa, people found a shell necklace dating 82,000 years, with an artificial perforation in the center of the shell.

Early jewelry was often seen as a symbol of honor. The traditional jewelry manufacturing industry first appeared 6000 years ago, when copper, silver, and gold jewelry were used to show the social, political, and religious significance  of MEN in ancient Egypt, Rome, and Mesopotamia.)


Created with agate gemstone in claw shape. Accentuated with vintage milky glass beads, shell beads, and heishe beads. Finished off with sterling silver beads and lobster clasp.


**Necklace measures large at 23 1/2" in length.**

**Claw pendant measures at 1 3/4" long.**

Men's Sterling Silver Claw & Heishe Necklace

SKU: MWA-113

    All jewelry is sized differently, so please be sure to check the measurements shown on the website before you buy.

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