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Men, do you want to balance your bio-energy? This quantum science scalar energy pendant will help you free yourself from emf and 5g pollution; it will help protect your bio-field.


(Fun Fact: This energy pendant protect against disruptions or imbalances in the vibratory frequency fields of our bio-electric pathways.

It helps with arthritis pain; sprains; bruises; strains; swelling; upper & lower back pain; sports unjuries; headaches; muscular pain; hand & wrist pain;

inflammation of the joints, nerves, and tendons; pain from carpel tunnel syndrome and promotes better blood flow.)

(Note: for more info on Scalar Energy Healing please refer to http//


Created with a two inch-sized black quantum pendant and finished off with a new silver-plated chain added.


**Chain measures at 26 1/2" long.**

**Scalar pendant measures at 2" Long and wide.**

Men's Scalar Quantum Energy Necklace

SKU: MWA-129

    All jewelry is sized differently, so please be sure to check the measurements shown on the website before you buy.

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