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Merge your faith as a believer being grafted into one in union with Messiah Yeshua when wearing these gold beauties...


(Fun Fact: In Romans 11:11–24 Paul compares Israel to the natural branches of a cultivated olive tree and the Gentile believers to the branches of a wild olive tree. The natural branches (Israel) were broken off, and the wild branches (Gentiles) were grafted in (verse 17). The Gentiles, then, have been made partakers of the promises and inherit the blessings of God’s salvation.)


Created with gold-plated quarter inch sized Star of David charms. Accentuated with gold-plated half inch crosses. Finished off with gold-plated ear hooks.


**Earrings measure at 2 1/4" in length.**

Gold Cross W/ Star of David Earrings

SKU: WWA9065

    All jewelry is sized differently, so please be sure to check the measurements shown on the website before you buy.

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