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Pair this necklace with any ensemble for a polished and unique look...


(Fun Fact: Some people feel that religious pendants can be used by people for protective purposes. For example, jewelry with the image of Saint Christopher, the saint of travellers are sometimes worn by people who go on expeditions to sheild them from harm’s way. 

The cross is a symbol of the Catholic and Christian faith. Christians believe that it has the meanings of "redemption," "salvation," "believe," and "gospel." Christians wearing a cross have their own ideas and meanings behind wearing it.

In the fashion world, if you wear a cross necklace, then the meaning of the cross necklace to most is happiness, luck, angel & guardian and so on. Ultimately, it depends on what your belief system is.)


Created with copper wired cross pendant Accentuated with copper beads, black heishe beads and matted glass beads. Finished off with copper chain and lobster clasp.


**Necklace measures at 21 3/4" long.** 

**Pendant measures at 2" in length.**


Men's Copper & Black Necklace

SKU: MWA-114

    All jewelry is sized differently, so please be sure to check the measurements shown on the website before you buy.

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