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My Life Story...

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Ever since i was a little girl i have loved creating and drawing. With all my heart i believe that God gives each of us a portion of talent and it's up to us to seek and find out what that is. I was very fortunate to tap into that gift at such an early age.

I have never really had any formal training in jewelry making but because of my faith in God, I believe that he has been my teacher all these years. He has led and guided me in every piece of jewelry that I have created. (You tube and googling information at times certainly helped along the way too.)

My point is, that I realized at a young age that I had the ability to create things and really enjoyed working with my hands. I found my niche as I went on a journey to create my first jewelry piece. Boy was I hooked as I saw how many types glass beads, stones and other materials were out their.

Since creating that first pair of earrings and bracelet sixteen years has come and gone and the creative process keeps evolving for me. It's exciting to see how this shift has taken place now in creating eclectic and funky designs with vintage spoons, keys, tin cans and bullet casings.(Although my personal favorite designs are the "spiritual jewelry".)

Having something you love doing is the thing that keep you going when life gets hard at times.. So go find that one thing that makes you happy... ;-)

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